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Gas spring features and how to judge the quality of gas spring

Write By: admin Published In: Industry Information Created Date: 2013-03-09 Hits: 12206 Comment: 0
The gas spring is a labor-saving lift springs, can be divided into a locking gas springs (such as the bottom of the lifting of the seat, boss chair backrest, etc.), not self-locking gas spring (such as a car trunk, closet doors gas lift support), the structure of the gas spring is mainly by the composition of the sleeve, piston and piston rod within the sleeve to join the high-pressure air or high pressure nitrogen gas, the piston both ends of the area ranging generate pressure, push the piston and piston rod move and support or heavy loads.
First is sealing,If sealing is bad it will appear oil leakage and gas leakage phenomenon in use process,Next is the accuracy, for example, 1000 N gas spring, some manufacturer produce,out of the force error does not exceed 2 N, some manufacturer gas spring may and actual needs of the 1000 N is far from difference;Third is is working life, the working life of the gas spring with its  calculated by  completely stretch;The last is in the schedule of gas spring force value change, the gas spring in the ideal state should force values throughout the trip remains the same.But because the design and processing factors, making gas spring in the schedule of force value inevitably appears to change.And the amplitude of the change is is an important standard to measure the quality of gas spring , the smaller change of  the range, the higher quality of gas springs, otherwise the worse!